Regardless of the crew nationality we are always able to satisfy the requirements from a vessel.  From local products to a large range of specialty items from all over the world our catalogue is essentially unlimited.  To ensure best quality all fresh provisions are purchased prior to delivery. We ensure high quality of food standards from all of our suppliers


We are a bonded facility and have access to a wide variety of tobacco, spirits, beers and wine

Deck & Engine

We warehouse a wide array of technical stores ranging from coveralls, parkas (and all winter wear), brushes, hoses, packing, hatch tape, rigging, ropes, power & pneumatic tools, hardware, metal sheets & bars, pipes, hand tools, bearings, thermometers, gauges, valves, fittings, welding and a large variety of electrical equipment


We stock a wide variety of 110/220v appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, rice cookers, coffee machines and thermopots as well as linen products, galley equipment, cleaning agents and crew clothing.


We supply marine distress equipment along with items such as fireman’s suits, chemical suits, immersion suits, safety signals, safety harnesses, reflective tape, lifejackets, lifejacket lights and much more.

Ship’s Spares

We provide multiple logistical services involved in transporting ship’s spares such as customs brokerage, inbond transfers to our sufferance warehouse and consolidation.  By delivering ship’s spares along with provisions, bonded and technical stores we create a value added service for our customers.